Social Media: Elements of Control

I’ve come upon this rather unsettling idea that social media revolves too much around control… Everywhere you look, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc., people are complaining or demanding others to see their way, or to stop whatever it is they are doing that isn’t the “norm.” An example would be a recent tweet posted by an acquaintance of mine, “Anyone who is from the Northwest corner [of CT] was born in a cornfield and is not allowed to use terms like ‘dope’ or ‘dank,’ or I will have to hit you.” This particular strand of emotion is found in so many posts. I know we are all about “freedom of speech” and all, but being constantly demanded (indirectly, in most cases) by others and noticing how one-sided and dominantly opinionated most posts are, can really get old. I suppose the best advice for myself, or anyone observing this trend in social media and not liking it too much, should just escape it and log off. Delete accounts. Revolutionize! –Easier said than done. Guess I’ll keep watching, occasionally giving some positive input with hopes to inspire others to filter out the negativity in their digital communication-driven lives.


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