My Experience with Blog Promotion – (What’s Yours?)

The ways in which I have been trying to promote my blog involve commenting on and liking posts by others, following blogs that post of social media issues and re blogging articles that I feel relate to what my blog is about, which in turn gets those bloggers to follow back. I also use many tags (around 10-20) in each article and keep track of my “blog hits” with the WordPress widget on my sidebar.  I frequently share my blog posts through my Twitter and Facebook pages made specifically to draw attention to my social media blog.






So far, my blog has had 105 hits, which means it has been visited, posted on or viewed 105 times (I’m thinking this post will bring it even higher!).  This leads me to believe my promotion has been somewhat effective. I think what has helped with this, aside from my tags leading people to my blog, is that I often post my post links to my Twitter, through which I am following about 20 accounts that post about social media news.  Some have followed me back so when they see my links, they presumably visit my page and read my other posts.

I have had a few regular users who comment on my posts that I do not know personally.  None of them seem to disagree with what I say, so they express their agreement, offer further support, or pose further questions. Each of my blog posts has around two to three responses and/or “favorites.”

In other efforts to gain more followers/readers, I have commented on around 20 blog posts that relate to social media in some way.

I also re blog posts that I find really cool or interesting.  This encourages the original author of the blog post to follow me. Plus, they usually thank me for re blogging them.

I plan to continue frequent updating and searching through tags that I am interested in, so I can favorite and comment on them in order to spread the awareness of my blog even more.  I also think that regularly posting significant or interesting content will benefit the popularity of my blog considering I am already above 100 views at the rate of promotion I have kept up with thus far.

How have you been successful with your blog promotion so far? Have any tips?


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4 responses to “My Experience with Blog Promotion – (What’s Yours?)”

  1. mainesvc says :

    after reading your blog post on promotion it gave me a lots of new ways to promote blogs. also the way you did yours was easy to do and get lots of feedback. furthermore you did a good job on your blog post

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