Course Reflection Post (With First-Ever Podcast Recording)!

For the past four months, I have been enrolled in a class called Social Media & Digital Communications. During this class, I was assigned to create this WordPress blog, which has opened me up to many wonders and possibilities of the Internet. I discovered that I love blogging, promoting and researching current events and interesting global news. I enjoy trying new social media sites like LinkedIn, Foursquare and Tumblr, while also attempting new mediums of expression such as podcasts and videos.

Though my interests and passions have been sparked in many ways, they have also dwindled in others. I realized how much I have relied on social media throughout my life without even realizing. Now, I more honestly see how the use of social media affects my life – primarily Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I looked into research (as mentioned in attached podcast recording) that depicted peoples’ use of social media and our capacity to maintain relationships, etc. I don’t need as many Facebook friends, I don’t need to scroll through all my apps before I get out of bed, I DON’T need to post photos of everything I do in real life on multiple social platforms – and neither do you.

The most important thing I have taken from this course is that social media and digital communications are extremely useful and simultaneously wonderful. They allow us to have access to so much the world has to offer. However, we must take care not to distance ourselves too much from the real world.

• Spend a certain amount of time outside everyday – fresh air and nature are key ingredients to happiness
• Maintain healthy relationships – spend time with friends and family, socialize in person!
• Experience things and be fully there – don’t miss out because you were busy documenting
• Value your education, learn all you can, be attentive
• Remain calm and relaxed – detach from your computers, tablets and smart phones
• Make room for passions in your life, not just straining your eyes and thumbs on your touch screens…go hiking, learn to crochet, read a book, take up photography, travel, play piano – work and reward
• Live to the fullest – if you aren’t happy, perhaps you need to reevaluate what’s most important to you

With that said: back to my experience during this course, blogging and the key takeaways. I may preach until I am blue in the face about how important the things other than social media are, but I certainly think social media is great in moderation. It provides a great way to express ourselves in a healthy, communicative and intelligent way. For example, as a project for the course, we each wrote and recorded our own podcasts on a subject of our choice. Watch the video attached to hear mine! This project was great. We looked into current social media issues and what techniques and qualities make the best podcast. We utilized many skills for the course, while maintaining a great interest in the subject because we selected the topic.

I recommend to any fellow college students out there to take a course focused on the significance of social media. There’s much more to it than updating Facebook statuses and posting photos, I’ll tell you that!

Keep looking for more posts from me, everyone! I will likely be expanding my content to subjects other than social media, but will keep some similar content as well. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


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